The Search For Freedom is a website that’s purpose is to encourage discussion of current events among Americans across the political spectrum.Founded by Me, (Matthew Burns) in November of 2007, the “Search” was inspired by the idea that freedom is a right to all men, and is open to those who seek it.   This website also serves to inform its readership of differing opinions concerning current events. After 8 months on Blogger, I decided to move “The Search For Freedom” to Word Press. This was done because of the expanding vision that I have for the site, and because of the more attractive features that Word Press has to offer. So, that being said, please enjoy the new and improved Search For Freedom!

About Matt.

Matt’s political history dates back to 1996, when he was 8 years old. Back then, Matt was an ardent supporter of Former Sen. Bob Dole’s Presidential Campaign, to which he donated one dollar a week during the summer of 1996.  In 2008, as a high school student and college freshman, Matt was very active in the online community of Mike Huckabee’s presidential campaign.  Since then Matt has further committed himself to the philosophy of liberty, and aims to increase understanding among people everywhere concerning all issues pertaining to it.  Currently, Matt is in the process of establishing a Young Americans For Liberty chapter at his local community college and advancing liberty’s presence in the Metropolitan Baltimore Area.

  1. dpcpastor says:

    Great site! We have to figure out how to get you some expereince on the ground. You and those like you are our future and the future of conservatisim.

  2. Dominique says:

    Could you add me to your blog roll. I have added you to mine as I enjoy reading it. Thanks.


  3. Tommy 2 Chips says:

    Hello My name is 2 Chips. Tommy 2 Chips. I do beleive in freedom. However,there are times when freedom only comes with change.

    That is why I support President Obama. It is time for a change.

  4. Coralena says:

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